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About the Artist

God gave me the oppotunity to learn for oil painting and I am painting for over 45 years.

Oil paintings of animal, birds, flowers, landscapes, seascapes, religious arts and more

Rumi Gaughan - Biography


I developed an interest in oil painting at an early age in Japan.  My father's good friend, Mr. Mori, a noted Japanese artist, instructed me.  I studied under Mr. Mori at Okinawa, Japan for several years developing the talent before coming to USA with my husband.


I studied and received certification from The Famous Art Schools, Inc. of Westport, Connecticut. In addition to, I received a certification as a photographer from the New York Institute of Photography.  I received the certification of the Art Instructor through the Robert Garden School of Art inTexas.  Mr. Robert Garden is a great art teacher who has the Master's Degree in Art.  I received Bob Ross Art Certification too.


I have been oil painting for over forty seven years, photographing over thirty six years.   I have won many awards for my photography like Kodac Photo Contest and receiving art award and video award (1st prize from Telly Award) too.  I received much praises for my oil paintings from many wonderful people.  I have painted the wonderful President Bush's portrait.  Mrs. Bush sent me a beautiful thank you letter.  I should kept it and put it on my web site. 


I hope I find the wonderful art buyers.  The talent is given by God.  The realistic fine art paintings take a long hours and a lots of efforts to finish it.  I hope you love my beautiful oil paintings and purchase it.  You will enjoy to see it on your wall and it will give you wonderful feeling.  Several wonderful people gave me very nice comments.  I will put copies of the letter soon.   Please come back again.  I hope you will see the copies of letters.  


May God bless you in every moments of your life.  Pray to our Lord and seek His help always.  Remember that walk one day at a time with our Lord and He will protect and lead you.  Walk with Him joyfully.   

Rumi Gaughan - Biography
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